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" Leave It Alone "

Remedy debut EP is out now

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    It’s OK to cry, shed great tears,
    Because I feel, and when I feel, I mean really feel, I feel.

    Locked up in my throat, with each breath I can't breathe, I can’t cope.
    And then, there are moments, like this when I am called to come forth. To recall the joy, the love, the hope.
    That’s all you Spanky, so much bigger than the Grave. Your shining example moves me so, to be diligent, to be brave. Thankful for the simplistic yet dynamic lessons you gave.
    Because in the strength of my heart I care, I feel, and when I feel, I mean really feel, I feel.

    And who, out God's name, turned that into a bad thing? Who told you don’t cry? Who told you to hold back that feel? My Spanky is gone. My Willie is gone. My Debra, gone.
    And reverse in that order and in that same order they live.

    So, Lord wipe these tears as they fall from me, and Feel
    Feel my hurt,
    Feel my pain,
    Feel my burden,
    Feel my strain,
    To whomever said to me hush little baby don’t you cry is a thief, a headache, a sore in my eyes.
    You’re a hindrance to the growth and strength I gain inside.

    To rise-up continually a soldier. In the army of the Lord, I’m that soldier, yet strong enough to cry.
    Never losing hope I lament, with a great lamentation, in the joy of an assured salvation. With each shout and each cry, the transitioning of a loved one. Spank! Spank! Boss-Hog!

    We hear God speak, woe to the meek.
    We let ourselves heal, and feel, and when we feel, I mean really feel, we feel.

    See, how we’ve grown, I mean we have really grown, we the Moms, we the Dads, Uncles and Aunties now. Can y’all believe that? and Though the best of us has gone for now. There’s still so much more to come. So, we keep the faith until we shine bright as the Son. As we learn to Live, to Love, and Be Good and Strong.
    Moving Righteously and Faithfully, in haste towards the ever-Living God, growing ever stronger by the generations the Faith, the Strength, the Life, the Love, the Feel.

    To My brother Spanky.

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      01. Leave It Alone
      Remedy Musique

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